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What is NMT?

NMT stands for Neuromuscular Therapy.

There are many ways our muscles can cause us pain, and decrease our range-of-motion. Connective tissue, and fibers can collect in irregular ways, which can create a multitude of issues. In other cases, repeated use on muscle can often put strain on your body that may cause discomfort from Trigger points, or "muscle knots."

NMT is a therapy process that helps repair damage from wear and tear, and help aid muscle health.  An NMT heals muscle by stretching, separating, and building elasticity to muscle fibers . This is preformed by manually treating the muscle or muscle grouping with Trigger Point, and Myofascial Release. 


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a technique developed by doctors Janet Travell, MD and David G. Simons, MD.

When we use our muscles, the muscles fibers contract. Trigger points, or "knots" can occur from many different issues usually  from overuse, or improper body mechanics. It can cause a type of pain called referred pain, meaning the pain is felt elsewhere from the damaged muscles. Trigger point therapy addresses the muscles that need to be released from their restrictions, helping you live out your best life!

Meet the Founder

April, Mobility Specialist, NMT, LMT 

April studied at The American Institute of Alternative Medicine, and earned her medical license in Massage Therapy. She has a certificate, and specializes in neuromuscular therapy. With years of experience in the industry, and being a former personal trainer she has a passion for helping others. From relieving pain to educating others on their health, April created Mobility Goals to bring the best care for our clients.  When she is not working she volunteers her time to the Westerville Special Olympics cheer team. 

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What I Specialize in...

I specialize in Holistic Wellness, focusing on the outcome of individualized plans of action. My passion is centered around the care of each individual’s physical pain, or restrictions. Treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of every client and what they find works best for THEIR health goals. Please contact me to find out more, or try out my app for FREE. 

Start prioritizing your health today!


Mobility Goals will no longer be excepting NMT appointments starting on November 1st. New and improved services will be coming soon! Email me at for details. 


Begin your muscle health journey with Mobility Goals


"April truly gave me my life back. She saved me from an almost bedridden existence at 30 years old after two spinal surgeries and still had extreme pain to the point I couldn’t even stand for more than 5 minutes. After seeing her I knew almost immediately that she would change my life. After one month of seeing her once a week I saw enormous change and after 3 months I was almost 100% pain free. I can never give her enough credit for giving me my life back. I can work and travel and work out again. I give her my whole hearted endorsement. She’s also incredibly well educated and can tell you exactly what is going on and how to fix it. She answers all my questions and knows exactly what she is talking about. She’s awesome!!! If you were hopeless like me and thought you would live the rest of your life in pain then go see April once a week for a few months and you’ll be amazed at the change!"

- Rebecca

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